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A journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar, performed under the orders of the most noble the Marquis Wellesley, governor general of India, for the express purpose of investigating the state of agriculture, arts, and commerce; the religion, manners, and customs; the history natural and civil, and antiquities, in the dominions of the rajah of Mysore, and the countries acquired by the Honourable East India company

Creator: Francis Hamilton, East India Company | History - 1807

An Abstract of the Goods imported and exported by Sea, for the different years, taken from the Custom-house Account of Tellichery Circle, page vii Total Quantity of different Articles exported by Sea from Bettutanada, in the years 974 ...

The Parliamentary debates (Authorized edition)

Creator: Great Britain. Parliament | History - 1876

973 PHCENIX PARK, DUBLIN — Questions, Mr. Butt, Mr. Callan ; Answer, Mr. WH Smith.. .. .. .. ..973 INDIAN MUSEUM — Question, Mr. Fawcett ; Answer, Lord George Hamilton 974 CRIMINAL LAW (IRELAND) — TRIAL OF CLAFFET — Question, ...

Hansard's parliamentary debates

Creator: Great Britain. Parliament | History - 1876

973 Indian Museum — Question, Mr. Fawcett ; Answer, Lord George Hamilton 974 Criminal Law (Ireland) — Trial of Claffey — Question, Mr. Callan ; Answer, The Solicitor General for Ireland . . 974 Criminal Law — Police at Plymouth ...

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How I remove a crown from a pocket watch. Hamilton 974 ...
Need I write more? Yes. On this pocket watch the stem is held on by the case. On some pocket watches the stem is held on by the movement. For that type the ...

How I Install a mainspring on a Hamilton 974 pocket watch ...
Install or replace mainspring on pocket watch with mainspring winder. Catalog number of mainspring is 318. Don't forget to oil the mainspring. I tried to ...

Hamilton Watch
Hamilton is the leading brand for automatic watches in the price segment 500 - 2000 USD. The Hamilton watches combine the American Spirit with the Swiss precision and ...

Hamilton Balance Staffs - Otto Frei Call 1-510-832-0355 ...
Balance Staff for Hamilton 4992B Part # 22BB58B $25.00 22BB58B Staff, balance old numbers 659 & 607048. 16 Size Factory Model Number, Description: 659, 992B-950B ...

Hamilton Watch Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hamilton Watch Company has manufactured and marketed timepieces since it was incorporated in 1892 and produced its first watch, the 936, in 1893.


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