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179 pages

Geology and Mineral Resources of the Hardin and Brussels Quadrangles in Illinois

Creator: William Walden Rubey | Geology - 1952

The Sedalia is thus a restriction of the Burlington as it has been mapped in parts of western Illinois, and at the same time it is a restriction of the Chouteau in Missouri. Moore stated that "on the east side of Mississippi River in Jersey, Calhoun, ...

24 pages

The Eastern Margin of the Burlington-Keokuk (Valmeyeran) Carbonate Bank in Illinois

Creator: Jerry Alvin Lineback | Limestone - 1981

448 pages

North American Geologic Formation Names, Bibliography, Synonymy and Distribution

Creator: Fred Boughton Weeks | Geology - 1902

Iowa. Burlington limestone, White. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, Jour., vol. vii, 1859-1863 , p. 224. 1860. Iowa. Burlington limestone, Meek and Worthen. Am. Jour. Sci., 2d ser., vol. xxxii, p. 174. 1861. Carboniferous. Illinois. Burlington limestone, Hall.


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