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The United States Patents Quarterly

Patent laws and legislation - 1948

The bill avers that the plaintiff corporation, G. & F. Mfg. Co., produces and sells a watch repair instrument known as a GF staking set; that the defendant was formerly a partner with Walter Gazdik in a partnership of the same name as the plaintiff ...

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Please also note: Staking can only be used when betting on 1 runner per race unless you are in dutching mode, there is more information about dutching staking on the dutching page Using standard staking Staking level This sets the amount ...

354 pages

Landforming, An Environmental Approach to Hillside Development, Mine Reclamation and Watershed Restoration

Creator: Horst J. Schor, Donald H. Gray | Science - 2007-08-03

Instead of slope ratios and outs, landform-slope staking will show the grade checker fills and outs to (typically) even 5-foot contours. The grade checker must be competent at the craft. The surveyor need only to set slope stakes along 50- foot ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
The first hands–on instruction guide to landform grading and revegetation   Landform grading provides a cost–effective, attractive, and environmentally compatible way to construct slopes and other landforms that are stable and that blend in with the natural surroundings. Landform grading design and construction technology have advanced rapidly during the past decade, and this book explains the technique, its uses, its various applications, and its significant advantages.  Landforming: An Environmental Approach to Hillside Development, Mine Reclamation and Watershed Restoration, presents the first comprehensive and practical guidebook to the innovative techniques of landform grading and revegetation. Citing numerous practical applications in such areas as hillside housing developments, mass grading operations, surface mining and watershed reclamation projects, the authors––one an internationally recognized instructor and the other an engineer with over thirty years of practical experience in the field––have teamed up to provide valuable information on:    The aesthetic and ecological benefits of landform grading and revegetation Analyses that demonstrate the stability of landform designed slopes Real–world design/construction procedures Construction in both upland slope areas and in stream corridors Analytical procedures and design aids to assist implementation Well documented and comprehensive case studies of actual projects Written in straightforward language and liberally illustrated with informative photographs and schematic drawings, the text should prove of value to practicing professionals in such diverse fields as land planning, civil  and geotechnical engineering, landscape architecture, and geology as well as to personnel in a variety of local, state and federal regulatory agencies and environmental interest groups. HORST J. SCHOR is the originator of the Landforming and Revegetation Concept and is Principal of H.J. Schor Consulting. He has developed landform grading designs that have been implemented in a variety of hillside grading and mining reclamation projects for a diverse list of clients. He has been a guest lecturer at The University of Wisconsin–Madison, The University of Dresden, Germany and The University of California at Irvine. DONALD H. GRAY, PHD, is Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Michigan. In addition to speaking and teaching internationally, he has co–authored three books on subjects related geotechnical engineering and biotechnical slope protection.

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The Watchmaker’s Staking Set - Tick Talk » A mechanical ...
The staking set has 1,000 uses, or so I have been told. The staking set is a collection of punches (stakes), anvils, and cutters which are used in combination with ...

Two specially ground punches make fitting the 870 ejector spring and housing onto Remingtons' unique 2-step rivet a snap! The hole in the ...

The Staking Machine - Staking Plan, System Analysis and ...
The Staking Machine or TSM for short is a professional sports betting tool. 3 - 1 Software package that can be used for bet tracking, staking plan and system analysis ...

Tools List - DASHTO
Dashto Horological, watches, horological tools, watch dials, cases, pocket watch movements, Omega, Accutron, bands, watch and clock books, Rolex

Staking Your Tree - Dayton Nursery
Staking Trees: Staking provides a young tree with support it needs until the trunk is strong enough to hold it's canopy upright. Careful attention must be ...


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  • Speed Stacks

    Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks Cups - Cool Blue (Cup Stacking)

    Sports (Speed Stacks)
    List Price: $29.00

    Quick Release Stem
    12 Specially designed Speed Stacks Cups
    The only cups endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) for competition



    Art and Craft Supply (ZEERMENG)

    12 Steel Dapping Punches Great for Metalsmiths & Metal Working. This is a brand new set of 12 steel dapping punches.Used for shaping, forming and chasing metal in dapping blocks. Punches measure approximately 4, 4.52, 4.97, 5.53, 5.99, 6.47, 6.95, 7.52, 8.01, 8.53, 9.45 and 11 mm (0.15", 0.17", 0.19", 0.21", 0.23", 0.25", 0.27", 0.29", 0.31", 0.33", 0.37" and 0.43")
    Has 5 ovals that measure approximately 16.36 x 10.56 mm, 18.79 x 12.91 mm, 21.08 x 14.11 mm, 22.55 x 14.59 mm and 22.55 x 15.84 mm (0.64" x 0.41", 0.74" x 0.5", 0.83" x 0.55", 0.88 x 0.57" and 0.88 x 0.62"); Has 3 v-shapes that measure approximately 2.13, 2.72 and 3.59 mm (0.08", 0.1" and 0.14"); The block measures approximately 8" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" (203 x 38 x 38 mm)
    Has 17 half spheres that measure approximately 3.52, 4.49, 5.17, 6.26, 6.31, 7.04, 8.92, 9.66, 10.37, 10.81, 12.14, 13.61, 14.2, 15.72, 15.9, 17.22 and 18.05 mm (0.13", 0.17", 0.2", 0.24", 0.248", 0.27", 0.35", 0.38", 0.4", 0.42", 0.47", 0.53", 0.55", 0.61", 0.62", 0.67" and 0.71");
    4 in 1 Steel Dapping Block and Punch Set For Metalsmiths Metal Working & Shaping. The depressions have a smooth finish that are great for shaping metal. Made from high carbon tool steel that is precision machined and hardened to perfection.
    Has 18 half cylinders that measure approximately 3.29, 4.16, 6.43, 6.93, 7.05, 7.41, 7.79, 7.94, 9.1, 10.35, 10.67, 11.87, 13.58, 16.45, 17.22, 18.47, 20.1 and 21.65 mm (0.13", 0.16", 0.25", 0.27", 0.277", 0.29", 0.3", 0.31", 0.35", 0.4", 0.46", 0.53", 0.64", 0.67", 0.72", 0.79" and 0.85");

  • The Watchmakers' Staking Tool (Soft Cover Edition)


    Use of watchmakers staking set
    Educational watch repairing
    Soft cover
    Watch repair

  • Branded

    (4) Lot Hunting Coon Trap Traping Dog Leg Proof Raccoon Staking System 4-pc Set

    Furniture (Branded)

    Also Comes With Built-in Sensitive Staking System For Effective Catching.
    This Dog Proof Coon Trap Is An Effective Raccoon Trap That Is Friendly Pet
    Specifications: Dog Proof Staking System Fully Enclosed Trigger System Powerful
    Proof Trap. It Features Fully Enclosed Design With Powerful Coil Spring. It
    Coil Springs 1 1/4 12" Chain Package Contents: 4 X Dog Proof Coon Trap"

  • MaidMAX

    Wire Storage Cube, MaidMAX Set of 6 Free Standing Wire Storage Units, Black

    Home (MaidMAX)
    List Price: $59.99

    SIZE & WEIGHT CAPACITY: The size of each unit is about 13.94*13.94*13.94". Total maximum storage weight of this Free Standing Mesh Storage Cube is 50kg (110 lb.).
    FLEXIBLE & TOOL-FREE ASSEMBLY: No tool is required for the assembly of these Wire Cubes. Install it with the sturdy plastic connectors and stack them depending on your storage needs.
    STURDY & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Premium ABS plastic connectors and black painted metal give this Wire Storage Unit a long-lasting construction.
    SIX CUBES FOR MULTIPLE STACKING OPTIONS: 6 interlocking cubes give you multiple stacking options. Easy to setup, reconfigure and combine multiple settings. Great Wire Grid Cubes with open design to sort out your items and organize your place.
    MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE: Utilize these Wire Storage Units at home to organize your items and save your space. Great for a classroom where each student gets their own storage cubby and learns to get control of stuff.

  • Fusion

    1911 Mil Spec, 70 Series Style Fixed Fiber Optic Sight Set Red Rear, Red Front

    Sports (Fusion)

    Made from Barstock
    70 Series
    1911 Mil Spec Fiber Optic Sight Set
    Red Fiber Optic Sight Set
    NO MIM

  • VidaToy

    Vidatoy Nest Cup Sounding Toy Hexagon Rainbow Tower Stacking Stack Up Editional Toy 11 Pcs (Random Color)

    Toy (VidaToy)

    Bell in the head to make sounds.
    Material: nontoxic plastic
    Includes 10 pcs colorful hexagon baskets,1 pc bear design head .
    Dimension: 5.9" x 3.1" x 3.1"
    Vidatoy is a registered brand, all rights reserved



    Art and Craft Supply (ZEERMENG)

    This is a brand new set of 12 steel dapping punches
    Punches measure approximately 4, 4.52, 4.97, 5.53, 5.99, 6.47, 6.95, 7.52, 8.01, 8.53, 9.45 and 11 mm (0.15", 0.17", 0.19", 0.21", 0.23", 0.25", 0.27", 0.29", 0.31", 0.33", 0.37" and 0.43")
    Used for shaping, forming and chasing metal in dapping blocks

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fake, poetron, poetry, hole, flow, soul, cake,
Original drawing and part of the poetry project by the same artist. From POETRON project by M “FAKE” Human above all Animal without a soul Head with a hole Margin with no flow Set with a goal Fake as a cake When it threw the ball With no mistake Like preparing a stake
Price: $$62.95