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Catalogue of Waltham watch material

Creator: Waltham Watch Company | Antiques & Collectibles - 1909

Waltham Watch Company. 16 SIZE. 1868 AND 1872 MODELS. When 0rdering material, always give the catal0gue number 0f each part wanted and the GRADE 0f the m0vement. 16 SIZE. 1868 AND 1872 MODELS. When ordering material ...


Creator: State Library of Massachusetts | 1881

Bost., 1723. 16°. ii, 1-44 p. [1] Last leaf missing. Waltham, Mass. An account of receipts and expenditures, 1847-48. n.t.p, [1848.] 12°. 10, 6 p. [3, Mrs. F. A. Whitney.} — Report of a committee on a supply of pure water for the town. Bost., 1872.

Public Documents of Massachusetts


F— Waltham.. Captain, First Lieutenant, . Second Lieutenant, Walter Everett, Boston, . Ezra J. Trull, Boston, Charles F. ... C. Lane, Waltham, Laroy Brown, Waltham, . G. Frank Frost, Waltham, May 3, 1871. July 19, 1874. 17, " Aug. 17, 1872.

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WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY. America's oldest watch company. Known for fantastic movement designs and beautiful raised gold jewel settings. Wind indicator watches were ...

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Waltham (/ ˈ w ɔː l ˌ θ æ m /) is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, and was an early center for the labor movement as well as a major ...

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Brief History: American Waltham Watch Company Including Waltham Watch Serial Numbers and Production Dates Waltham, Massachusetts 1850 - 1957

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How Old Is My Waltham Watch? Due to the fact that I own a lot of Waltham pocket watches [i.e., watches made by the American Waltham Watch Company], I frequently get e ...

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Pocket Watch Information Please do not call us for antique pocket watch information and/or values. We do not sell, research, nor offer appraisals or values for used ...


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