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190 pages

Chasing The Golden Butterfly

Creator: Phyllis Jean Robinson | Fiction - 2012-06-01

It had a clasp that was made of gold jewelry in the shape of a butterfly. I complimented the man on the custom clasp and I had meant to ask him about the craftsman who designed it for him, but I never got a chance to get that information .

Publisher: AuthorHouse

About this book
Chasing The Golden Butterfly takes place in Chicago where Tangi Singletary witnesses a crime on the worse day of her life. She has just been downsized from her job and is sitting in the park nursing her wounded spirit. She inadvertently becomes involved with the crime when she photographs a suspicious man in the park and takes a picture of a fancy foreign car that is waiting for him. Then she bumps into Blake Tyler, the handsome investigator who has been assigned the case. Tangi becomes Blake's sidekick in an investigation that takes them from the 'hood' to the trendy highrise apartments in the South Loop and the homes of the African-American elite. The case becomes personal to Blake and life and death circumstances make Chasing the Golden Butterfly , pursuing this shadowy,diabolical figure and shining a light on his criminal activities, the most important thing that he has ever done. Chasing the Golden Butterfly chronicles the intersection and the clash of class and culture. It has twists and turns that include danger, intrigue,tragedy, excitement, and romance.

304 pages


Creator: Rochelle Alers | Fiction - 2010-08-01

That's Spanish for butterfly,” she explained, seeing his puzzled expression. Booth stared at the embroidered butterflies on her blouse. “Didn't you wear a necklace with a butterfly clasp Friday night?” “Yes, I did.” “Do all of his designs have ...

Publisher: Kimani Press

About this book
Beauty has a price…From her first high-heeled step onto a Paris runway, supermodel Seneca Houston has been a sensation. Ever since, she's been surrounded by couture clothes, glittering celebrities—and the constant glare of the paparazzi. She's become muse to designer Luis Navarro, who christens her Butterfly. Now, at thirty-three, Seneca wants the only thing that seems out of reach—a husband, children and a normal life.When her agent offers his secluded villa as a hideaway, Seneca finds both tranquillity and Dr. Eliot Rollins, a renowned plastic surgeon who is quickly captivated by the intelligent woman behind the breathtaking face. But when Seneca decides to retire from modeling, there are repercussions she never expected. Some people want Butterfly to stay trapped in the spotlight, even if it destroys her. Surrounded by tabloid scandal, grasping relatives and friends with hidden agendas, Seneca wonders if anything can be trusted—even her own heart….

64 pages

Simply Pretty Beading

Creator: Patricia Ducerf | Crafts & Hobbies - 2007-02-14

Add a butterfly clasp for a romantic bracelet for a young dreamer. 1. Take two lengths of thread and tie three knots one over the other to fix the centre of the bracelet. Thread on the beads, using the diagram as a guide. Tie three knots between ...

Publisher: David & Charles

About this book
Presents 35 easy to follow ideas, each with step-by-step instructions and diagrams. Jewellery designs include rings, bracelets, earrings and hair slides. Projects are assigned a skill-level, allowing readers with varying experience to pick and choose with confidence.

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